Becoming a Primary School Teacher in the United Kingdom

A primary school teacher teaches fundamental concepts and courses to students according to the objectives set by the school curriculum. In addition to developing a close relationship with students in the classroom, a teacher is also required to evaluate the progress of students and track these records. They encourage learning and want to mold a student.

A person who wants to become a primary school teacher must have patience and a caring nature above all. The students the teacher will be teaching will be very young, and this makes patience very important as a small mistake the teacher does can result in a lifetime of dislike in schooling. As this is a teaching job, it needs a very high sense of organization, since tracking the homeworks & exam results of many students can quickly become impossible if it is not managed properly. An ideal teacher will be firm but she will also be fair – this is the age in which the usual employer – employee relationship is set in the student’s mind, and the teacher must not be too harsh or too mild.

To be eligible for becoming a primary school teacher in the United Kingdom you must be first have Qualified Teacher Status. To get this status, you first need some basic requirements:

  • Clear police background check (CRB)
  • Numeracy, literacy and ICT tests.
  • In the GCSE examination you need to have scored a C in mathematics.

In addition, doing voluntary work in a school is very beneficial for your application if you want to become a school teacher.

If you meet these requirements, then there are three ways you can pursue:

  1. If you have a bachelor’s degree in education, you can be a primary school teacher. There are different programs for different age groups that you would like to teach to.
  2. If you have a bachelor’s degree in another field, there is a course (and exam) you can take in order to become a primary school teacher: Post Graduate Certification Exam. This is a course that runs for one year.
  3. You can apply for QTS with a Graduate Training Program or Registered Training Program. The RTP can only be taken by people with at least two years of higher education.

The requirements are actually not that though. If you think you are good with small children then this is the perfect job for you! So this is how to become a primary school teacher in the UK in a nutshell!