Why Virtual Learning Environments Are Useful in Primary Schools

The popularity of a virtual learning environment in educational institutions has been rapidly increasing. However, the actual use of a virtual environment in the primary schools has not really taken off, although it is widely popular in college and universities. According to the experts, a full-fledged use of virtual platform in primary schools requires generous support from teachers and learners.

The advantage of using a virtual platform is that it gives students and teachers an immediate access to a wide variety of learning materials, such as notes and handouts, practice tests or exams, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, and links to useful websites. Thus, using a computer system and internet connection, students can extend their knowledge base in a far convenient way.

However, the main hindrance to the usage of virtual environments in the primary schools is the lack of interest among staff members to adopt technology solutions for their own benefits. Apart from these, most of these virtual platforms are designed for training institutes or for the institutions that offer professional training. Besides, the price of such virtual systems makes it hardly available within the reach of average primary school.

Nowadays, a lot of software providers are designing virtual platforms specifically to cater to the demands of the primary schools. The ideal virtual learning environment (VLE) for schools should be easy-to-use, so that young students can understand the instructions without any glitches. Apart from this, a learning system for school should facilitate simple and easy administration, which reduces workload for teachers and school admin staff alike.

Consider the situation of a primary school teacher, who has to manage a class of fifty pupils. Now, every time she sets homework for the students, no matter how simple it is, he or she has to make a copy of thirty task sheets and check each of them. The entire process involves a lot of manual work. With a virtual learning platform, a teacher can automate the entire process and that too, within a short span of time.

With a learning system intended for primary school, teachers can forward the document to the entire class just by a single click. Accordingly, students can log into a system at their convenience to complete the assignments. To keep the students engaged, these platforms are featured with colorful buttons, themed class images, and a simple interface, so that a six-year-old student can easily comprehend the entire process. Most importantly, such online platforms record the performance of each student in the secured database, which makes it easier for administrator to track the class performance.

According to the experts, the new trend of using a virtual environment for primary schools should be started in order to achieve efficiency in the learning procedure.